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About me

I am a French-American self taught artist. I specialize in mural design painting and illustration. Currently, I am traveling the US and open for on-site mural work all over the country.


I have 10 years of freelance experiences. I have handled projects like commissioned art, mural design, theater set design, children books, covers and greeting cards.


In my current role as a freelance artist, I work diligently with my customers prior to putting colors on the wall (or paper). I first develop simple black and white sketches and storyboards for review. Once the vision of the piece is agreed upon, I create the finished product with full colors, details and shading. My goal as a mural artist is to put a smile on the face of my clients. In that regard, I always make sure that all my projects are all about intentional communication and collaboration.


My skills as a mural artist are diverse but I am always looking to improve and challenge myself on new projects. I love to develop new styles to make sure that it fits perfectly with the wall and its composition.


What makes me unique as an artist is my constant drive to generate new ideas. My mind is always working on creating a piece of colorful art that my audience has never seen before. When I create a design for a mural, it is an investigation into the idea of all the selves, always rooted into the world, connected together so that our lives can flourish. My art often speaks to people because of the intricate details, surprising elements and my use of flowing lines and colors. My clients also find that I am easy to work with and I always try to deliver beyond their expectations.

My motto in life is "Live, Laugh, Love" and i always make sure that my art reflects it.


See you soon on the next project.


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