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my customers

the Co-owner of haven hot chicken in new haven, ct says...

“Tim was extremely professional and easy to work with. He delivered on a tight timeline for our store opening and everyone loves the mural. We were very impressed and plan to work with him again in the future!” 


the owner of crazy woman cellars
in Paso robles, ca, says...

"I want to thank tim abraham for the beautiful piece of art. his ability to perceive what i wanted and bring it to fruition is amazing. it is now the focal point of our tasting room and a conversation piece for all who see it. we posted some pics of it on social media and the engagement was incredible. thanks for making the entire idea come to reality with such ease. you and your wife were a delight to have around while the work was happening"


the owner of cordiano winery
in escondido, ca, says...

"The Cordiano family can't thank Tim Abraham enough for the beautiful mural he recently completed at our family winery! We had considered having a mural painted in the past, but never took the first step in finding an artist due to our busy schedules and not knowing where to begin. Thankfully, we received an email a few months ago from Tim, who was going to be in our area this summer, and after viewing examples of his artwork online I knew right away that he was the perfect artist for our mural.


Tim began by interviewing my family and I to understand what we hoped the mural would look like and then began sketching the initial design. Within a few days we had a working design that included all the elements that inspired us, and Tim began to apply the design to a wall that served as the canvas for his creation.


Over the next few weeks, the mural came to life. Throughout the project, we were able to offer suggestions, add or change elements of the design, and spend time getting to know Tim and his wife. Tim took extra time to make the mural reflect everything we asked for and more.


From afar, the mural appears as a vivid symphony of vibrant hues, commanding attention with its sheer size and grandeur. As you move closer to the mural, your eyes are met with an enchanting mosaic of interwoven stories delicately portrayed across the sprawling canvas. Every brushstroke tells a tale, inviting the viewer to delve into its narrative and become a part of its world. 


Thank you, Tim, for the work you did in arranging such a beautiful, meaningful, bright and interesting piece of art for everyone to enjoy at Cordiano Winery"

the owner of Country Road Vines and Wines says...

"Country Road Vines and Wines engaged the services of Tim Abraham to paint a mural on a 16X14 foot garage door leading into the production room of the winery. What an awesome experience. Tim was very clear from the beginning on the cost, when payments would be due and the timeline of the project.


We wanted something to enhance the winery and the community we are in. After conversations with us, Tim was able to provide a sketch of the mural encompassing all that we had shared with him. The design ebbed and flowed as the mural progressed and the artist engaged with us and others in the community.Tim offered ideas and suggestions and he always took the time to listen and answer our questions. He was patient and thoughtful in the conversations that he had with our customers.


The finished project is amazing. We never get tired of it and the best part is we get to share it with the community, our customers and our neighbors for a long time!  It was a joy to be able to interact with Tim and his family. He is not only a gifted artist, but a kind, genuine human being. I highly recommend his services"

The owner of a loft in new york city says...

"I commissioned a mural for a column and a wall in my New York City loft....Tim presented inspired sketches with gorgeous flow of forms and colors that would wrap up and swirl around the column.....Tim is very talented, intuitive and easy to work with. I’m still in love with the magical universe he created..."

the owner of tiny living consulting, llc, says...

“Tim has really brought some life into my workshop with the MASSIVE mural he created. I spend more time than anywhere else in my shop and making it a comfortable and creative space is extremely important to me. I often have clients in my workshop for my business and Tim's piece has really added to the space...Five out of five stars - would recommend this artist!”

The owner of The mountain space in dillon, CO, says...

“ Tim painted a fantastic mural here at The Mountain Space in Dillon, CO. I wanted something creative on the interior of my co-working office to make my business stand out and be remembered. Tim’s mural is bright, colorful, and creative. Tim allowed me to collaborate and give input to the mural design before starting. He is a great communicator and showed up exactly as promised to paint. He finished on time and was completely respectful and tidy...If you want a true piece of art to adorn your business or personal space, I strongly recommend Tim Abraham’s artwork and his creative process”

Mountain Equipment Recycling
Owner in colorado springs, co, says...

"...Tim was warm, friendly and professional. He had a very positive attitude and worked so hard on our mural. He sketched the design, by hand, in pencil and then began to outline and paint. It all came to life and we are so ecstatic about the work he did on our freight door. The mural is earthy, warm, friendly, handcrafted and colorful. He captured our vibe and what we are about here at Mountain Equipment Recyclers (MER) so perfectly...”

The owner of The cool river coffee house in breckenridge, CO  says...

“Tim designed an amazing mural for my coffee shop in Breckenridge, CO. He was very easy to work with and finished in a timely manner. He was very willing to listen and add in fun twists as the mural was coming along. The work really livened up a dull corner of my shop and customers are having so much fun looking at all the details. They are bringing their friends, kids to come see this interactive mural. I highly recommend Timothy Abraham to paint a mural for your business. I am opening a second coffee shop in Buena Vista, CO and I hope that he will be available to paint that one too. Thank you...”

The Creative director at PA'LA Wood Fired restaurant in phoenix, AZ says...

"...just wanted to say thank you. tim designed superb, and creative murals for our renovated second floor lounge. He was very professional.He delivered on all points, being punctual, dependable and respectful and courteous to all our staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing mural work. Hope to see him again soon for some additional work..."


The owner of seven oxen winery in paso robles, Ca  says...

"Tim recently painted a mural of our logo on our rollup door at our winery. his work was beautiful and he was very easy to work with. he was professional, friendly and did everything in a timely manner. he was easy to communicate with and made sure we were happy with the final result"


Annaig Herzig says...

"For a long time I wanted to have this one piece of art that channels my family of 5, with our super hero vibes and quirks. I was lucky to have met Tim at a friend gathering. He talked about his work with passion and positive energy. His art was fun, exciting and that was definitely the kind of dynamic I wanted us to be portrayed with.


We had a couple of exchanges to allow him to know us better, and together we agreed on a format and key elements. It was a very interesting and natural experience. It felt like talking to someone you know well, and that you can trust.

He gave me regular sneak peeks of the ongoing work. As our 5 faces would be on it, he checked with us that we were happy with how we looked, and worked on it until we were all satisfied. It was nice for my children to feel so included and respected in the process.

This is now a unique and joyful piece that we are proud to have in our home. It celebrates us. What more could I want..."

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